KING JuicedUpLeek, the newest Prince ENT RapStar

“You can’t tell me I won’t make it ’cause you obviously wrong

KiNG 3D is a 23 year old musician, and the 1st artist to ink a deal with Kirby Tha Hottest’s Pretty Cool Money Entertainment label. Brave Davis was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Tonya Davis and James Davis. Prior to signing with Pretty Cool Money, KiNG 3D was a rapper…


With his debut mixtape, Planet JuicedUp set to arrive some time next month, Leek has something special in store for the city.

“Sticks and stones make break my bones. Watch yo tone or you meet my chrome.”

MIC opens the track

“I’m pistol packing. Nigga, yeah, you can have it. I walk through the streets all the time like a savage.”

Night After Night is a Chipley, Florida forever anthem that was an instant success. Slim’s flow carries the track into an early aggression freeing back to back to back.

The Chipley drill artist has been relatively quiet since releasing this energetic track with Paper Boy Trell and 850 Tay of the Paper Boy Business.


“For money, I’m runnin’ and keeping my pace. She know I done been through some pain in my life. I wanted to marry, and make you my wife. Now I can’t trust em’, I only one night.” …

“I really shed a tear thinking bout my past. I just wanted first, but the place I got was last. Ion understand the haters telling me I’m trash. Sitting in my room; and I’m just thinking ‘bout cash”-Paper Boy Trell (My Struggle with the Paper Boy Business)

Paper Boy Trell released the My Struggle Music Video 3 years ago, and he’s been relatively quiet on Youtube since. That’s sure to mean that the Paper Boy has been working towards creating something big.

“PBB Paper Boy Business to the death of me man. Sleep or grind ’cause money on my mind. You already know how I’m going man.”-Paper Boy Trell

Today, we’re celebrating King Trell Beezy’s 20th birthday by looking back on over 4 years of legendary music. Paper Boy Trell is a Rapper representing Chipley, Florida. Paper Boy Trell is unsigned talent and an independent Father.

“I stay independent. I don’t need a deal.” …

The Certified Lover Boy is back with another album, and it’s sounding like every album he makes will simply be phenomenal.

“I’m actually Michael Jackson”-Drake

Drake is not the actual Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was once known as the King of Pop. Maybe Drake is bipolar. …

“These hoes is a thing I could never ever chase”

The rapper opens up in his music about what he’s been focusing on as a father. Being inside a cell is hard enough, and death lives around the corner. He raps chasing money, his family, real life, and the culture in the ocean.

“It’s payback season. It’s…

When I say God, I’ve simply learned to mean the most high all powerful being in the universe that has heard my prayers, instead of meaning the father, the son, and the holy spirit. The number is a very important factor to consider when dealing with The, who can be anything, at anytime, anywhere.

“I got a message. It’s a blessing from the Heaven above. Everybody trynna kill they forgot about love? Feeling down and depressed, I just needed a hug.”-Paper Boy Trell

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