“I miss Taylor B.” — LilBrodyBandzUp

What Happened To Taylor Blackwell?

Taylor Blackwell, a 19 year old girl, was found dead at WoodSpring Suites in Sacramento, CA in February 28th, 2020. We’ve seen Taylor’s case getting attention from many different celebrities, activists, and media outlets, but it has not been enough yet. Taylor was a 19-year-old psychology major at Sierra College and vice president of the Black Student Union. In the year since her death was reported, detectives and authorities have continued to give no reliable leads as to the cause of her death. Sacramento’s Police Department labeled the case “Suspicious”

Hip-Hop/Rap Activist Collective, Treasure The Moment, has been at the forefront of bringing attention to Taylor’s case. TTM includes rappers, LilBrodyBandzUp, MoneyBagB, and Lil Antt. In LilBrodyBandzUp’s recent music video for “TNT”, he flexes a hoodie that states “In Loving Memory” highlighting the Queen. Taylor’s contributions to Psychology can only be achieved now through us. It is our responsibility to prioritize our mental health in her name.

Jazzmen Johnson, Trinity Williams, Nia Morris, and other young Black women sat down with ABC10 News to discuss the events and speak on their beloved friend. “Reasons why I’m here today is because of Taylor.” Trinity said in the interview. Mental Health is important and we can do our part to improve how it’s handled in our communities.

Berry Accius talked about the discrepancy in reports on violence against black women. Too often are the cases of missing and dead black women being overshadowed and underrepresented. We are all 1 big family. It’s time to treat each other as such.

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